About us

CHK Elektronik was established in 2005 primary, but their employees are skilled skilled in producing coils more than 25 years. Our company dispose of a diversified product-range in mechanical engineering, plant engineering, control installations, electronic assembling, and welding technology and also in medical and automotive engineering. All CHK-products are built in our location in Diepenau, Germany.


Automated manufacturing

We turn our special attention on ultra-modern and flexible fabrication, which guaranties a high efficiency and a production of different coils. From individual items up to mass-production all orders will be produced on a total production area of 2.500 qm. As far as our business philosophy is concerned, we have to point out that the development of new products is of significant importance. The Know-how of our employees and also our location in Diepenau-Germany become more and more to a competitive advantage.

Made in Germany

Quality is standard

One of the biggest requirements of CHK Elektronik is a steady high-quality standard. No single article will leave our company without a detailed inspection. In the last years we set store by automation and documentation of our test cycles to realize that our large scale-productions are still competitive.